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Composition Copper set art of copper 1000x600

Product Description

This stunning 8 piece copper cookware set is a deal that needs to be seen to be believed! With a timeless, elegant design these pots and pans are a must have for every super stylish kitchen and will add a flair of sophistication that will never go out of fashion.

These magnificent pieces are commercial grade quality as used in restaurant kitchens. All pans feature a triple-layer composition with an aluminium core for superior heat distribution, sandwiched between the stunning copper exterior and the satin stainless-steel cooking surface.

Suitable for gas and electric cook tops but not suitable for induction. 

Each pan comes packed in a black velvet bag for storage they also make an absolutely sensational gift for some lucky loved one!

Set includes: 1x 24cm Casserole Pot w/Lid, 1x 20cm Casserole Pot w/lid, 1x 24cm Saute Frying Pan w/Lid, 35cm Roasting pan w/roast tray.

How best to look after your new copper cookware:

The advanced nature of the pots and pans' design means that you don't require super high temperature to cook with, rather use a lower temperature as the cookware distributes the heat evenly to cook your meal more efficiently.

We recommend cleaning your copper cookware with a product similar to a MAAS Metal Cleaner and a microfibre cloth to bring your pots and pans back to their lustre.

For day-to-day use simply clean with warm soap and water ensuring thorough drying to reduce any risk of tarnishing.

Hand wash only, with a PH 7-8 detergent - dishwasher detergents tend to have a high alkaline which can alter the appearance of the copper, so it is not suitable for the dishwasher.


  • Cookware Technology: Tri-ply construction (20% copper, 60% Aluminium and 20% 18/10 Stainless steel inner. 
  • Copper provides even heat distribution and eliminates hot spots.
  • It will work on all cooktops including gas and Ceramic but will NOT work on induction cooktops as will need an induction interface disc (not included)
  • Copper 2.5mm thick lids that lock in the heat for excellent heat retention.
  • 24cm Casserole Pot w/Lid : 24x12cm plus lid / NW 2.3kg
  • 20cm Casserole Pot w/lid : 20x10cm / NW: 1.5kg
  • 24cm Saute Frying Pan w/Lid : 24x5x45cm including handle / NW: 1.6kg
  • 35cm Roasting pan w/roast tray : 35x25x7.5cm / NW: 2.5kg
  • High technology that provides even heat distribution and fast cooking.
  • Commercial grade copper cookware.
  • Oven proof up to 280°C
  • Cool touch handles
  • Always cook over low to medium heat and never let the flame go beyond the base of the pan.
  • Set is packed into a black velvet bag perfect for gifting or storing.
  • Before first use wash with warm soapy water then rinse and dry.
  • Cookware should be hand wash only.
  • Over time, copper can change colour, however this will not change the characteristics of the copper metal.
  • Never use cleaners containing bleach to clean copper cookware.
  • To maintain or restore the shiny copper surface, occasionally use quality metal polish or naturally clean with half a lemon dipped in salt and rub it on the copper surface till it shines.

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