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Product Description

Our living wall planters are an incredible way to introduce a fresh, bold new feature into your home or office. Nature is the greatest artist of them all so turn your planters into works of art by picking out your favourite plants and create an installation that is unique to only you and your family!

Introduce a touch of nature into your home or workplace with one of our super chic living wall planters. There's nothing quite like a living, breathing plant to freshen up an indoor space not to mention add a pop of colour and with the clever design of these wall planters you can be as creative, arty or architectural as you please depending on your personal style and taste!

Easy to install and sensational looking wherever you place it you can create your own custom garden wall with your choice of favourite plants that will be unique to just you and your home. 

Like any regular pot plant simply plant your pots in the provided containers and and place them back in their allocated compartment. As it grows and develops you will watch you living art work change and transform before your very eyes!!

Designed with a specially formulated self-watering and wick capillary system, simply pour water into the top compartments and it will soon flow into all sectors from top to bottom ensuring that an equal and correct amount of water fills each pot.

Constructed from a carbon steel frame to prevent water leakage (sold elsewhere in cheaper plastic) and with a clean and crisp white finish that blends stylishly with any style or colour palette be it contemporary or modern, bold or minimalist. Simply create as you grow!!!


  • Self-watering and wick capillary system
  • 40x10x40cm (LxWxH)
  • 9 x White removable plant pots (10x10x9cm)
  • Carbon steel frame with white finish.
  • Includes installation kit
  • Please note that frame must be attached to a wall stud to ensure stability.
  • Easy DIY installation
  • Water at least once a week for easy maintenance
  • Cloth wick water feeding system
  • The living frame is designed with built-in water flow and filtration irrigation system. 
  • Pour water into the top compartments, then the water will quickly flow into all compartments from top to bottom, storing certain amount of water in all pots.  
  • The potted plants can wick water from the base of the pot, with all water being easily absorbed through the soil.
  • Frame is encased to prevent any water leakage.
  • Net weight 4.9KG


  • If there is residual sludge or dead leaves in the cabinet or tank, you can take the planting pot out of the cabinet, or open the drain hole in the bottom of the water tank to clean.
  • Please select breathable and absorbing nutritive soil to cultivate.
  • Our planting frame is recommended for indoor use, suitable for short and small greening plants which love shade, moisture and vertical planting systems.
  • Frame should be positioned in areas suitable for plant type - adequate sunlight etc. 
  • Please adjust water volume and control the watering frequency, according to different plants at different temperature, humidity and condition.

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